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Viral infections during pregnancy

23 October 2016, by MOTA F. & TORRES T.



During pregnancy, VZV can be transmitted through the placenta and be responsible for congenital varicella or neonatal varicella. A few pathological studies of infected placenta revealed granulomatous lesions associated with necrotic areas. The transmission rate was assessed in several studies: In a study of 14 fetus at risk of VZV infection between the 10th and 24th week of gestation, the research of viral DNA by PCR was performed on an association of chorionic villi samples, fetal blood and amniotic fluid. The infection rate was 20% in the first trimester and 100% in the second trimester. In a French study conducted from 1989 to 1994 on 107 women with varicella before 24 weeks of gestation, the rate of placental transfer (evaluated by cell culture, PCR on amniotic fluid and measurement of IgM in fetal blood) was 8.4% [1].

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