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Therapeutics in Dermatology is originally a French-speaking reference book (1288 pages and 333 authors) on the management of skin diseases. In 2005, this book was made available for free on the web thanks to [FRT-Fondation René Touraine->www.fondation-r-touraine.org]. Since 2012, the website Therapeutics in Dermatology is equally available in English. Its articles are updated on a regular basis. The website Therapeutics in Dermatology will eventually become an e-Dermatology portal working as a permanent congress.

Therapeutics in Dermatology is mainly addressed to dermatologists, general practitioners and doctors of other specialties. Since June 2013, a dedicated access has been created for health professionals. This new dedicated space for health professionals will be soon completed with comments of international experts, videos, symposia webcasts, etc.

The website Therapeutics in Dermatology can be equally consulted by patients and their families. The general public version of the website provides essential information about the management of the different skin diseases by dermatologists, as well as a tailored information for patient education. This version will be soon enriched with resources that could be useful for patients suffering from these diseases, such as links to patient associations, etc.

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Warning: This website does not replace a consultation with a physician and its content cannot hold the Fondation René Touraine responsible in any case.

The articles proposed in this website were authored in its great majority by French-speaking dermatologists, with contributions from other international dermatologists. The authors’ list is available here.

Website management

This website is managed by the Fondation René Touraine, an international foundation for dermatology recognised of public utility by a decree of the French government of August 23, 1991.

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The website www.therapeutique-dermatologique.org is financed by the Fondation René Touraine. You can learn more bu reading our transparency statement.

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