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2 June 2015, by FAHMY J.


The term intertrigo (from the Latin inter: between, tergo: I rub) refers to a skin disease localised to the body folds. Folds anywhere on the body can be affected, either in isolation or as one of multiple involved areas, whether they are large (groin, intergluteal, axillary, submammary) or small (palmar or plantar interdigital, umbilical, retroauricular, labial commissures, navel). It is a common reason for attending a dermatologist. Although the positive diagnosis of intertrigo may be clear, diagnosing aetiology can prove to be difficult since maceration and rubbing often changes the clinical appearance. There are numerous potential aetiologies, headed by infections, especially mycosis. In all cases, the physical and chemical characteristics specific to the folds (a local increase in temperature and humidity, maceration, rubbing) are factors that aggravate inflammation and secondary infections.

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