Therapeutics in Dermatology
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Perioral dermatitis (POD)

6 June 2013, by WEBER I.


Perioral dermatitis (POD), a facial skin disorder, is a common cause of consultation of dermatologists. However, there are no epidemiological studies on the incidence of the disease.

Perioral dermatitis mostly occurs in Caucasian subjects and mostly in women aged between 15 and 45, with a peak being observed between the 2nd and 3rd decades. Affected individuals frequently present with cutaneous xerosis or moderate atopic dermatitis [3].

In children, the condition is observed most frequently in boys [3]. The lesions are generally more widespread in children [2].

The lesions typically affect the perioral area although they may also affect the perinasal or perioccular areas. A given patient may present with lesions in two or three different locations.

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