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Cutaneous mucinoses

30 August 2013, by RONGIOLETTI F. & REBORA A.

The cutaneous mucinoses are a heterogeneous group of diseases in which there is a build-up of mucin (acid glycosaminoglycans), usually hyaluronic acid, in the dermis and hair follicles. Since the aetiopathogenesis remains unknown, these conditions are currently split into two groups:

– specific or primary cutaneous mucinoses (table I), presenting with specific clinical lesions in which mucin deposits are the distinct histological clue;

– secondary mucinoses in which mucin deposits are simply an additional histological sign with no clinical expression (table II).

Primary cutaneous mucinoses can be inflammatory, hamartomatous, or neoplastic (table I). 

This article addresses the treatment of primary cutaneous mucinoses.

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