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Editorial charter

The information presented in Therapeutics in Dermatology comes from the reference book in dermatology in French-speaking countries « Thérapeutique Dermatologique ». The articles within this website are regularly updated by specialists (dermatologists...) which ensures that the information presented in this website constitutes a reference both scientifically and ethically with regards to dermatological pathologies and to skin management.

The experts and authors responsible for this information on dermatological pathologies and skin management have committed themselves that this information: 

  • is based on demonstrated scientific evidence while taking into consideration innovations and the last progress in science;
  • is completely independent of any financial or lobby interest;
  • is honest and transparent, mentioning when appropriate the contradictory scientific elements, for and against, as well as any doubts or uncertainty;
  • represents a knowledge and practice consensus amongst French dermatologists;
  • is cautious, formulated and explained with sensibility and bearing in mind the safety of patients.

The medical information in this website does not replace in any case a consultation with a physician, the only one who can make a diagnosis and establish the care process adapated to each individual situation.

Last update: May 2012

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